3rd Gen Tacoma Billet Shift Knob Prototype

3rd Gen Tacoma Billet Shifter

We’re Getting Close To Final Production of The 2016-2023 Tacoma Shifter

Hey everyone, just dropping in for a quick update on the progress of the 3rd Gen shifter and billet collar.

We’ve gone through over 50 prototypes so far, and while we’re satisfied with our current design, it’s not quite hitting the mark yet.

One of the major challenges we’ve encountered with the 2016-2023 Tacoma model is the compatibility with the shifter boot and locking collar. Toyota provides a plastic locking collar as standard, which the transmission knob locks into. However, when dealing with a circular shifter, starting from scratch is necessary since the OEM collar isn’t perfectly circular. While there are several intuitive options available for securing an aftermarket transmission knob to an aftermarket collar, none of them are billet, and none have achieved what we would consider the ideal solution. But that’s all about to change with our latest TrailMade product.

Rather than opting for the OEM plastic collar or a commonly found 3D printed collar (often seen on platforms like Etsy), we’ve set out to develop a unique locking system.

After countless iterations, we’ve finally arrived at something quite exciting.

The Design

3rd Gen Tacoma Billet Shift Knob Collar

Our design process starts with the fabrication of the collar, where we intricately machine the base to include perforations that hold a series of magnets. These magnets are inserted until they reach the top of the collar, creating a magnetic surface on the aluminum. Additionally, the main shifter’s bottom is outfitted with a magnetic element.

Originally, we relied solely on magnetic force to bring the two units together and keep them in place. However, we encountered an issue where the surfaces of the components would still slide around slightly, even with the shifter rod holding them in place. Although the movement was minimal, around 10mm, it sent us back to the drawing board.

To tackle the problem of sliding, we incorporated a secondary locking mechanism alongside the magnetic setup. We machined a raised male circle on one piece and a corresponding recessed female circle on the other, while still retaining the magnetic system. Now, when the shifter is threaded down to the collar, the magnets snap the two pieces together, and the circular locking system ensures they stay firmly connected, preventing any unwanted movement.

Finally, we machined a channel into the collar that retains the OEM boot fitment with a simple zip tie.

Cap System

Universal Cap System

The cap system will stay the same as our current line of 5th Gen 4R and 2nd Gen Taco shifters. You can find the cap designs here.

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