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Shifting Change with TrailMade

When we set out to design our first shift knob for the 5th Gen 4Runner in 2021, we were frustrated. We were frustrated with what was on the market. Being a fellow Toyota enthusiast – we thought there was something better out there… but there wasn’t. We wanted something customizable. We wanted flexibility. We wanted an ecosystem of colors and design changes at any time. As our builds changed, we wanted to change the centerpiece brand and design in our cabin. So we set out to create the first shift knob where you could easily change the shift knob cap design on the fly without tools. We knew it would be a long road but after two years of R&D, lots of mistakes, and over 50+ prototypes – we finally developed the full ecosystem of TrailMade Shift Knobs and interchangeable caps.

In the development phase of Trailmade, we wanted to ensure American Manufacturing was part of our core value. All our products are designed in El Dorado Hills, CA and the manufacturing of our ecosystem of products ranges from the suburbs of Sacramento to the Front Range of Colorado. We chose to partner with companies in the off-road and overland space in order to stay true to our roots and to give back to the community. We never looked for the "best price" but instead the best people. We love our community and it's our core value to keep manufacturing in the USA. From the billet to our magnets and our caps to our packaging... it's all sourced from American based manufactures.


After years of seeing product reviews on our collection of editorial brands, we started to see a pattern. A pattern of complaints... but more importantly, room for improvement that little to no companies were offering. That number one request from Toyota owners was more customization. Our fellow 4Runner and Tacoma owners wanted more interior customization. More specific branded and tailored designs that fit their exact build specs. Much like a vehicle wrap, we felt the interior of a build should match the builds expression. And so, Trailmade was born.


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What makes the TrailMade Shift Knobs so unique is our ecosystem of shift knob caps. We utilize or patent pending utility for customizable and interchangeable shift knob caps without needing the use of tools. That’s right, you can change your shift knob cap design on the fly without needing a single tool. Just press down on the side of the cap, pop it out of it’s position and swap in the new shift knob cap of your choice. Browse from our wide selection of Toyota 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, GX and FJ Cruiser specific designs to further customize the look of your cabin.

Looking for a custom design? Looking to throw your logo on our patent pending toolless removal shift knob system? Reach out at anytime. We're all about customization and with our ecosystem of interchangeable cap designs, we can get you setup with any design your looking to run. Contact Us anytime for more information regarding custom orders.