In the development phase of TrailMade billet shift knobs, we wanted to build quality products... much like the Toyota platforms we enjoy on a daily basis. We wanted something dependable, reliable all while not breaking the bank. TrailMade is just that. A collection of products designed to withstand the abuse we put our trucks through when we're out enjoying the open road. We also wanted a product ecosystem that wasn't tied to any one design style. As our builds change and shift into new identities, we wanted our interior parts to match that shift. That's why our number one goal with TrailMade was customization and a tailored look for our builds identity.


My Background

Dirty Ragamuffin

I enjoyed the off-road and outdoor lifestyle since childhood. This was long before the “industry” was filled with terms like “overlanding” and packed with millions of aftermarket Toyota parts. Much like many of the enthusiasts out there, I enjoyed camping, off-roading, and exploring the great outdoors since I was a dirty little ragamuffin running through rivers and along the sides of dusty roads with my parents. Those were the good ol’ days. I am all grown up now but the young ragamuffin mindset remains at heart. I still want to cruise down dusty dirt roads, wheel my truck hard, and eventually stumble upon that epic remote campsite. I guess some things will never change. And I am pretty stoked with that. Here’s to all the dirty ragamuffins that grew up playing in the dirt and still enjoy it to this day.

Building Things

It all started with a childhood of building Legos and rebuilding motorcycle parts on my Honda 50. From there came quite a few more motorcycles that I built, destroyed, and built again. Then my first Toyota, a 1999 Jade Green 3rd Gen 4Runner. As a kid, I always liked to build things, and that slowly grew into a career as a web designer and front-end web developer where building websites was my passion. After selling my 3rd Gen 4Runner, I finally bought my dream Toyota in 2014… the 5th Gen 4Runner. I built that 4Runner into the off-road rig of my dreams and in parallel, built Trail4Runner.com slowly documenting every single installation on the 4Runner. Since then, I have built over 6 Toyota trucks, and to this day, I still like to tinker, build, break, and rebuild again. I guess you could say I like building things.


I started TrailMade with one shift knob; the 5th Gen 4Runner. I wasn’t too excited with the offerings on the market and wanted to easily switch out the design of my shift knob at any time. I know, kind of random. The whole idea started because the shift knob I has at the time was laser etched which got incredibly dirty over time and ended up looking like crap after a few months. Because of this problem, I thought it would be cool to have a shift knob cap that could be changed out at any time. TrailMade started with 5th Gen 4Runner shift knobs and that slowly moved into the 5th Gen 4Runner T-case knob and finally, the 2nd Gen Tacoma and 3rd Gen Tacoma. When we produced our first batch, we had no idea we would sell out of the entire run of 250 boxes in the first week.

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